Bob Kulick is a Grammy Award winning producer, guitarist, composer and arranger. Bob has either played with or produced a virtual whose who of the hard rock, metal and even pop genres. Bob also has earned 14 Platinum or Gold records.

Production Credits include:

  – Motorheads “Whiplash” (2004 Grammy For Best Metal Performance),
  – Dee Snider “Dee Does Broadway”,
  – Lynch Mob “Smoke & Mirrors”,
  – Tim Owens “Play My Game”,
  – Sin-atra,
  – “We Wish You A Metal Xmas And a Head Banging New Year”

Co-Produced with Bruce Bouillet:

  – Motorheads “We Are Motorhead”, “God Save The Queen”, “Jumping Jack Flash”, “Shoot them Down”
  – The WWE Theme (The Game) and the Grammy song (Whiplash)

Theme song for:

  – WWE Superstar Wrestler HHH (The Game) with Motorhead (Gold Record),
  – SpongeBob SquarePants “Band Geeks” Episode and single “Sweet Victory” (produced, co-wrote and played guitar),
  – Steven Seagals “True Justice” and “Auction Hunters” TV Shows

Produced Various Compilation CDs featuring various artists like:

  – Dave Grohl,
  – Steve Vai,
  – Billy Gibbons,
  – Geoff Tate

  – Slash,
  – Billy Idol,
  – and many more!!

Studio guitarist for:

  – Lou Reed,
  – Paul Stanley,
  – Michael Bolton,
  – Dee Snider,
  – Spys,
  – Mark Farner,
  – Kiss “Kiss Alive 2” (studio side)
      – “All American Man”,
      – “Larger Than Life”, and
      – “Rocking In The USA”
  – Kiss “Killers” (various tracks)
      – “Nowhere To Run” and
      – “Partners In Crime”

  – Tim Curry
      – “Fearless”
  – Meatloaf
      – “Bat Out Of Hell” (live Bolero and Bat opens the CD)
  – Wasp
      – “The Crimson Idol”,
      – “The Idol”,
      – “Chainsaw Charlie”,
      – “Hold On To My Heart”,
      – “Doctor Rocktor”, and
      – “Still Not Black Enough”
  – Diana Ross
      – “Ross” (includes the hit singles),
      – “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”, and
      – “Mirror Mirror”

Touring Guitarist for:

  – Alice Cooper,
  – Meatloaf,
  – Paul Stanley

  – John Cale,
  – Tim Curry, and
  – Labelle!


– “Balance”
– “In For The Count”
– “Equilibrium”
– “Ride The Wave” Japanese Daihatsu Charade Commercial

– “No Bones About It”
– “Now More Than Ever”

– “Afterlife”
– “Dont Kill The Thrill”

Murderers Row
– “INDIA” – Click here to see the new video

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